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About Laura Caghan, PsyD, PsyD

Clinical Background 

My clinical training includes two Doctor of Psychology degrees. The first was in clinical psychology. It gave me a broad background in clinical work and allowed me to become a licensed psychologist (California License PSY19679). My second PsyD degree was in psychoanalysis. It spanned another five years of specialized coursework, plus intensive clinical hours, as I learned to help people find their way through very deep, fundamental changes.

Since graduating from the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute in 2008, I’ve been involved there in numerous ways. I’ve been President since 2016, a Training and Supervising Analyst since 2013, and a faculty member since 2008. Prior to my NPI involvements, I taught clinical graduate students at USC and CGI (now the Chicago School). Clinical courses I’ve taught include:

Creativity Background

Prior to my clinical training I was immersed in visual art and design. I earned a BA in fine art and a BS in industrial design, then worked as an artist, designer, and design manager. My tenure in the business world spanned a wide range of environments—from startups to bureaucracies—leaving me with a deep understanding and appreciation for what it takes to succeed in the real world.

In addition, I taught design and creativity courses in both academic and nonprofit environments, including CSULB.  Even after returning to school for my doctorate in psychology, my interests in creativity and creative process remained firm. I completed my psychology dissertation on creative process, focusing on people’s internal experiences during periods of innovative and creative work. For my psychoanalytic doctorate, I wrote about the positive ways that fantasy and illusion can facilitate welcome changes in clients’ lives.


I have presented for: